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Candice Accola in the TVD Season 5 Blu-ray Extras

Candice Accola at Entertainment Weekly’s 2014 Pre Emmy Party on August 23, 2014

Happy 27th birthday, dear Candice Accola!
@candiceaccola: Thanks #teamwen for my Pre-Birthday birthday cake! #redvelvetmyfave #sosweet

Candice Accola on Fashion Police.

"Candice is one of those people who I know is on my team, and that no matter what happens, will always support and look out for me."

A little birdy tells me that some little bo peeps are confused by the singer Candice and the actress Candice Accola. Are they the same people? I can see how the half name might throw some people off a bit…but here is the breaking news story…Yes. They are both the same person and they are both me. I like to keep my music and my films seperate.