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I went through so many phases in high school that I can’t say exactly what my style was. A combination of just rolling out of bed and going to class and kind of defying my femininity by wearing sweatshirts with holes in them, never wearing heels or skirts.


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It’s so important to always be yourself. If you do that, you will be successful as you, instead of worrying about trying to conform.”


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I’m p r o u d of the work that I’ve done. I d o n ’ t  c a r e what people label me as.


I don’t feel guilty at all if I’m just lying around, one of my best guilty pleasures is doing absolutely nothing.

Leighton Meester candid in NYC, 26 June ‘14

"If you’re just yourself, you’ll never lose. I want to be myself. That’s when you feel the most comfortable, that’s when you have the most success, and that’s when you’re the most happy."